Best Microbreweries and Craft Beer Breweries In Queenstown

Wow, what a winter for Queenstown Microbreweries! It really is a great time to be a beer lover in town.

For a long time the selection of beers have been narrow, predictable beers served at every bar around Queenstown. Any beer outside of the obvious large producers could be labeled or perceived as cheap and nasty. And maybe justified. 

Large Macro-breweries will always be the more common choice with the mass volume of cheaper beer that are more widely available. Advertising on the biggest stages and the history of producing beer for as long as New Zealand has been around will make sure beers such as Speights, Steinlager and DB Breweries are always top selling. If the All Blacks drink it, you can be sure everyone else in New Zealand will drink it too.

If your father and your father's father have drank these beers for years, there is a decent chance you will continue that trend.

Don't get me wrong, there is definitely place for a few cold Speights on sale at your local supermarket. Cheap, accessible, reliable, available anywhere and thirst quenching.

However, times are changing....

Thanks to these Queenstown Craft Beer Breweries that are popping up like Youtube adverts all over the Wakatipu Basin, we are in luck. In the last two years, 6 Queenstown Microbreweries have successfully sprouted up. This has caused a trend and over June and July, three different, high quality Queenstown Craft Beer Breweries have opened in a very short period of time. With the help of places like Smith's Craft Beer House and Hop on Beer Tours Queenstown, these wonderful Microbreweries and their own Craft Beers are now accessible to the people. Enjoy their unique and adaptable flavours, enjoy their rich and vibrant colours, smell the wonderful aromatics and love the taste and savour the aftertaste. These Queenstown Craft Beers are quality beers, made by man, not machine. Made with heart and reputation, not by computers and budgets and dire consistency.

Obviously the best way to experience these Queenstown Craft Beer Breweries is with Hop On Beer Tours.

A big congratulations is deserved by Altitude Brewery and Canyon Food & Brew Co. for their recent wins at the 2018 Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards. Altitude Brewing took home 7 awards including a Gold Medal for the Mischievous Kea IPA and Canyon Food & Brew Co. took home 4 awards including 2 silvers. Both are great achievements, also because this is Canyon’s first year of trading.

So don't wait, book now and Hop on Today!!