Best Microbreweries and Craft Beer Breweries In Queenstown

Winter is coming, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The mountain tops in Queenstown will be dusted with snow, the ski field chairlifts will be buzzing and the breweries will be pouring. Searchlight Brewery, Canyon Food and Brew Co and Altitude Brewery’s tap rooms will be having their 1st birthdays this winter and a what a successful year it’s been.

Since they began, Searchlight Brewery have doubled their amount of taps and created a warm Queenstown atmosphere. Lewis at Searchlight is constantly bringing new beers to the table and we look forward to the Dark Mexican IPA as well as the Belgian Ale.

Canyon Food and Brew’s beers have been featured all over town and have developed a great reputation nationwide. Jono Kauri’s Hazy IPA was very well received, so keep an ear out for news from these guys soon.

Altitude Brewery has built on their well established local following and they will soon be at the heart of Queenstown’s brand new marina which will undoubtedly bring them a new wave of beer lovers. Elliot is currently trialing his latest and greatest treat for the upcoming beervana with a kiwi classic treat fermented in a desert beer (teaser).

Cargo Brewery has had some great news and have finally been given the green light to brew on site. The beer and food match at Cargo has been very impressive and we look forward to seeing some dramatic winter scenery from the old Church located in the country.

So don’t frown because the snow is coming down. Simply say ‘Cheers’, Hop On and come enjoy some Craft Beers. Look forward to seeing you out on the ‘bubble bus’ soon!